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    IMPACC Back School

    Now with Animations

    The IMPACC Back School is a unique, multi-faceted approach you can use in your hospital or practice working with local businesses to prevent work-related MSD's of the low back. It is a comprehensive risk factor education process that addresses the broad spectrum of risks that accumulate to cause the low back to fail. It is a proven methodology that works. Our experience has taught us that Back Schools do work; if the prerequisites are met.

    1. The program must be presented by a valid expert in the eyes of the employees. A physician, physical or occupational therapist or other qualified medical professional is a recognized expert on the human body, much more so than an employees' supervisor or safety manager.

    2. Training must go beyond lifting issues to address all risk factors (bending, twisting, sitting, standing, lifting).

    3. Training content must be customized to match the risks and work demands of the employees.

    4. Up-to-date techniques must be presented. The traditional "pelvic tilt" method of lifting to reduce lumbar lordosis during spinal loading is still being taught by many safety consultants, despite a predominance of scientific evidence that this is not a correct spinal loading method.

    5. Actual practice of prevention techniques as a part of training is vital to effective carryover of training to actual use. Includes materials handling, posture, preventive stretching.

    6. Managers and supervisors must be trained in management's role and commitment to support the employee training on back injury prevention. Employee success at back injury avoidance can be severely reduced without management commitment.

    Lifting Re-Defined

     Low Back injury (LBI) is the end result of tissue degeneration and deterioration due to interruption of nutrient pathway. Muscle contraction, especially of the sustained nature of posture work, plus joint compression of weight-bearing, plus ligament tension during bending all produce mechanical compression of tissues. This can readily exceed circulatory perfusion pressure, obstructing nutrient pathway.

    Many critical tissues, such as articular cartilage in the apophyseal joints and fibrocartilage of the intervertebral discs and within ligaments, have a poor blood supply to begin with. Placing mechanical loads on these tissues interrupts the already-marginal nature of their nutrient pathway. This can readily accelerate the degeneration of these tissues. Cellular components, chemical balances, and matrix can all be altered in ways that result in reduction in their ability to attenuate mechanical forces placed on them. The result is micro-trauma and further deterioration of tissues. The weakening and stiffening of the tissues makes them vulnerable to macro-trauma (symptomatic injury). Much, if not most, of back injury is a Nutrient Pathway Disorder producing a Cumulative Trauma Disorder.

    So we see a pathogenesis of interruption of nutrient pathway resulting in tissue degeneration resulting in increased vulnerability to macro-trauma injury. Prevention must address these issues in practical and effective ways acceptable to the worker.                                 

    The Process

    Qualitative Work Risk Analysis... format that identifies risks for CTD injury in the workplace and shows you how to analyze OSHA 300 logs, workstations and assess workplace politics. The report you produce provides management with valuable insight and information that becomes a part of their Written ErgoPlan.

    Management Team Training... teaches managers, supervisors and labor leaders a wide scope of strategies for reducing injuries, claims and costs. Presents the technology and politics of injury and claims prevention. Builds attitudes, skills and commitment.

    Employee Motivation Program... one and two hour programs on worker self-protection training. Emphasizes fatigue-avoidance tactics, personal ergonomics and self-care responsibility both on and off the job. Includes stretching and fit for life emphasis.  The employee program is now available as a web-based CBT (Computer Based Training) program. Go to to view.

     ErgoTeam Training... Advanced training of a select in-house team for ergonomic problem-solving and long-term success of the IMPACC Program. Structured to comply with OSHA ERGONOMICS GUIDELINES. WorkSmart written ErgoPlan policy manual for Ergonomics compliance is included with the program. 

     What is Included?

    IMPACC Back School Service Guide...120 page, eight section PFDF manual that details the Work Risk Analysis format, patho-physiology of back injury, marketing and presentation strategies, client outcomes and track record, letters of reference from clients and more than 50 adstracts of critical references.

    Management Training Program...PowerPoint presentation with matching PDF script to help master the presentation process. Includes full color anatomy from Grant's Atlas, many new workplace examples, animations, latest stretching techniques and OSHA material.

    Employee Motivation Training Program... Two PowerPoint presentations (one and two hour) with matching PDF scripts. Includes full color anatomy from Grant's Atlas, many new workplace and home examples, animations, latest stretching techniques and at-home restorative exercises. This program is also available as a web-based CBT (Computer Based Training) program. Go to to view. We have an excellent revenue sharing program available so your clients can train employees (new and current) and you still receive revenue.

    Marketing Presentation...  PowerPoint presentation with PDF script for use with prospective clients. Details the plan and process for helping a client reduce injuries, claims and costs.

    Your Back For Life! PDF sample of our latest version. Reinforces critical training information. Becomes an additional profit center for you.

    Cost...$595.00.............Why re-invent the wheel? Use the best and most comprehensive program available today!



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