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    IMPACC ErgoTeam 

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    Ergonomic Team Training has become an essential part of our Work Injury Prevention System for business and industry. It represents a formal mechanism to assure maximum long term effectiveness of any prevention program. Ergonomic Team Training also builds a vital mechanism to assure that the client company is practicing optimum compliance with OSHA Ergonomics Program Final Rule.

    Ergonomic Team Training is provided to a select committee of workers, supervisors, managers, engineers, maintenance, safety and health staff. It is presented after you have provided the prevention program sequence of: Ergonomic WorkRisk Analysis, Manager Training in Back School and/or Neck-ArmCTD School, and Employee Work Smart Training in the Back School and Neck-Arm CTD School. Ergonomic Team Training is your final program that concludes this sequence.

    ErgoTeam Goals and Objectives

    • Assure maximum long-term effectiveness of their prevention and ergonomics program, to continue to identify ongoing ergonomic hazards.

    • Continue to develop prevention actions to correct ongoing ergonomic hazards, started by the earlier Work Risk Analysis, CTD School, Back School.

    • Maximize communication between workers and the company relative to ongoing ergonomic hazards and injury prevention activities,

    • Assure that prevention recommendations adopted by the company are actually carried out with maximum effectiveness (including stretching programs, job task rotation, sit-stand options, restricted duty programs and early reporting of pain problems)

    The development and implementation of an Ergonomics Team is an essential component for the company to comply with OSHA Ergonomics Program Guidelines 3123. The IMPACC program has been evolved to closely parallel the OSHA Guidelines. Ergonomics Team training is an essential component to that process.

    ErgoTeam Training Content Summary

    Essential Components of OSHA Ergonomics Program

    Describe & Define Essential Components of OSHA Ergonomics Program

    Review the Essential Components of the Industrial Back School

    Review the Essential Components of the Neck-Arm CTD School

    Introduce Ergonomic Evaluation Checklist

    Instruct Format and Content of ErgoProfile

    Analyzing the OSHA 300 Log

    Case Management Policies

    Modified Duty Program

    Review Preventive Stretching Procedures

    Discuss Socio-Political Complications

    Small Group Practice: Analyze Jobs

    Discuss Findings of ErgoProfile and Risks Checklist From Analyzed Jobs

    Discussion of Tactics to Address Identified Hazards

    Assigning Responsibilities For Implementation

    Action plan, Responsible Party, and Timetable Finalized for Implementation

    WorkSmart ErgoPlan Document

    Agenda for the Next ErgoTeam Meeting


    What is Included?

    ErgoTeam Instructor Guide...14 page PDF guide that outlines the training protocols and objectives forErgoTeam

    ErgoTeam Training Program...PowerPoint program with matching PDF script to help master the presentation process. Teaches ErgoPlan, Back School Review, Neck-Arm CTD School Review, ErgoTeam Set-Up, Job Analysis, ErgoProfiles, Ergo Risks Checklists, Action Plan.

    ErgoTeam Member Handout...14 page PDF guide that outlines the goals and procedures of the ErgoTeam.

    Written Ergonomics Plan on CD-ROM...100 page framework of written ergonomics plan that follows OSHA 3123 Guidelines. Open in word processing program to customize and edit for each client.

    Personal Ergonomics Guides...PDF Sample of 3 Personal Ergonomics Guides for use with employees whose jobs are analyzed.

    Cost...$295.00.............Why re-invent the wheel? Use the best and most comprehensive program available today!

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