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State o' Maine Page 
(AKA: The Greenville Travelogue)

moose.gifOur business is located in Maine's north woods in a town (population around 1,900) at the heart of one of America's greatest wilderness and lumbering areas. Greenville lies between Big Squaw Mountain to the west, and Saddleback Mountain to the east, just a few miles from the northern run of the Appalachian Trail, and an hour or so from Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. The glory of our summers is matched by the intensity of our long winters: we think nothing of taking the snowmobiles to work, and deer and moose drift past our offices and warehouse oblivious to the bustle inside. (They're not counted in the population.) Greenville lies north of Montreal, one of three towns on the 400-mile perimeter of Moosehead Lake. At the turn of the century you could ride a Pullman railway car to Greenville, then get the steamer ferry up to the Mt. Kineo, a huge 400 room hotel on an island in the lake. It's still a place to find clean air, unlimited sporting activities, abundant wildlife, thousands of miles of logging roads, Jamo's Pizza, and a simpler way of life.

 In spite of our rural location, however, we are at the cutting edge of the issues that focus our business and educational concerns. IMPACC USA's  educational products and programs, as well as our healthcare product line have a direct link with the nationwide IMPACC group of industrial physical therapists. If you'll take a few minutes to explore our pages, you'll find a great deal of information about us, about our products, and this is important, about yourself!

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